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COMBAT ENGINEERING is a web-based service/product, which is the property of and is supported by “TIME Inc.”, a company based in 1-4-2 Kandaogawamachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052 JAPAN.
The present Terms and Conditions regulate the Use of all COMBAT ENGINEERING’s products and services, including the “” website and its content.
If there is a part that does not match between the English version and the Japanese version terms of use, the Japanese version of the terms of service will take precedence. You can see the Japanese version TERMS OF SERVICE at “”.

Article 1.

(1) Wherever found in the Terms and Conditions, “We” and “Us” refer to TIME Inc. Moreover, ”You”, “Yourself” and “User” refers to you, the user of the COMBAT ENGINEERING’s website, its contents, products and services, and “Your” shall be interpreted accordingly. ”Service” refers to the services and functions provided to customers in Japan based on the terms of these Terms for streaming playback of the video content provided by TIME Inc. by using the terminal that supports this Service. “Contents” refers to the video content provided by TIME Inc.
(2) Service contents and functions of this Service are as follows:
 ①Streaming playback of Contents.
 ②Browse various information associated to Contents.
 ③Acquition of recommended information associated to Contents by e-mail magazine.
 ④Browse web page (hereinafter referred to as “My List”) which display browsing histories or bookmarks.
(3)Preparation of equipments, software and communication means necessary for using Service shall be done at Users’ responsibility and cost. You shall take security measures such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and prevention of information leaks, depending on their usage environment. We are not involved at all about the use environment of Users’ and We assume no responsibility.

Article 2.

(1)In order to use Service, it is necessary to open an account for Us.
(2)In order to use Contents, You agree with TERMS AND SERVICE, and You need to apply for a contract (hereinafter referred to as “Usage Contract”) to use Contents in accordance with the method that We define.
(3)In applying for a Usage Contract, You need to submit a credit card (hereinafter referred to as “Payment Card”) to be used for payment of the fee for using Content (hereinafter referred to as “Usage Fee”). In addition, the Payment Card is a type of credit card separately specified by Us, and is limited to those in the name of the principal. Moreover, for Payment Card, You shall agree to the matters in the following items:
 ①If You wish to change the Payment Card, You shall notify Us of the change by the method separately prescribed by Us. As long as such change is not made, Usage Fee is paid by Payment Card monthly.
 ②If there is a change or renewal of the card number or validity period of the Payment Card, You shall notify Us according to the method specified separately by Us.
 ③To the extent necessary for credit card settlement by Us, We may inform the credit card company and settlement agency about Your personal information.
 ④Information on change or renewal of the card number and expiration date of the Payment Card may be notified Us by the credit card company.
 ⑤You shall use the Payment Card based on the membership agreement with the credit card company.
(4)If You are a minor, You can not use Service. If You are 18 years old or older and under 20 years old, You can use Service only if You have parental consent or underage guardian's consent.
(5)Upon receiving an application from You, stipulated in Paragraph 2 of Article 2, We will notify You acceptance or rejection based on the judgment specified by Us. Upon the notification of approval by Us, Usege Contract for the application is established between You and Us, and it will take effect. In the event that You falls under any of the follows, We may not accept Your application:
 ①If You can not use the payment method that We designate. ( Includes cases where a designated credit card can not obtain credit card company's approval for use of Usege Fee, but not limited to these)
 ②If You have suspended the use of Service or have canceled Usage Contract.
 ③In the case where there is insufficiency or incompleteness in the application details or notification contents of the Usage Contract, or if false contents are included or there is a possibility of such.
 ④If there is a danger of violating any of these Terms.
 ⑤If you are neglecting to pay Usage Fee or any other obligation to Us or there is a possibility of such.
 ⑥Other When We judge it as inappropriate.

Article 3.

(1)You can cancel Your subscription at any time by applying for cancellation in a way that We decide separately.
(2)In the event of falling under any of the following items, We shall be able to cancel the Usage Contract without notifying Users.
 ①If You do not pay any fees or other obligations to Us even after the due date. ( Including the case where Our claim related to Usage Fee and other obligations is transferred to the billing business operator (defined in Article 6) and there is no payment to Us)
 ②When the Payment Card becomes unable to settle Usage Fee. ( When the membership qualification of the Payment Card is lost or the contract with the credit card company for the use of the Payment Card is completed, or if the use of the Payment Card is stopped, or if there is a change or renewal of the card number or expiration date of the Payment Card, and the change / renewal procedure has not been carried out (except when We receive contact from credit card company) , etc.)
 ③When it is found that the act infringes or infringes the copyright or other rights of Us or a third party.
 ④In the event that it is found out that it has caused disadvantage or damage to other customers, a third party, or Us, or that there was a risk of doing so.
 ⑤When it turns out that the act which hindered the operation of Service was done.
 ⑥In addition, if it is found that an act leading to criminal acts or criminal acts, illegal acts, acts contrary to public order and morality, or acts that may have them.
 ⑦In case of violation of TERMS OF SERVICE etc.
 ⑧Besides, when it turns out that We performed an act judged to be inappropriate.
(3)If all of Service is discontinued, the Usage Contract will be automatically terminated.
(4)If the Usage Contract is terminated due to cancellation or other reasons, even after the end of the Usage Contract, even if You conclude the Usage Contract again, You will not be able to view the usage information related to the Usage Contract that was used before the end point.
(5)The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply in cases where the conclusion of the Usage Contract is within the same month as the closing of the contract.

Article 4.

The contents of TERMS OF SERVICE may be changed without notifying You in advance, In this case, the changed TERMS OF SERVICE, etc. will be applied.

Article 5.

(1)We will grant You non-exclusive and non-transferable usage rights for Content for a fee on condition that You use Content in accordancewith the provisions of TERMS OF SERVICE.
(2)The permission period referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be the period during which the contract is effective.
(3)All rights such as copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Content are attributable to the creator of the video and other rights holders on Content. Permission to use the subject Content under TERMS OF SERVICE does not allow You to assignment or transfer any rights related to Content to You, and it does not permit You to use or utilize Content beyond the scope specified in this section.
(4)In Your own expenses and responsibilities, You use Content at your compatible terminal. However, if the OS of the compatible terminal has been illegally changed (rooting etc.), You can not view Content even if it is a compatible terminal. Please note that We do not guarantee that this content will correspond to all compatible terminals.
(5)In using this Content, You shall comply with the matters specified in the following items:
 ①To the extent permitted under this section, use Content only for personal and noncommercial purposes.
 ②Not to duplicate, modify, falsify all or part of Content, and not to reverse engineering such as decompiling or disassembling (mainly refers to "analyzing content and converting it into a human-readable form").
 ③Not to remove or change the copyright notice or other rights indication attached to Contents.
 ④Not to sell, distribute, or publicly transmit (including automatic transmission in the case of automatic public transmission) , lend, transfer, reuse permission, disclose, and set collateral or lease, or other dispose all or part of Content to a third party.
 ⑤Not to utilize or use Content for acts of infringing on intellectual property rights or other rights such as copyrights etc of Us or a third party, acts contrary to public order and morals, acts constituting crime or acts in violation of laws or acts that may be possibly caused. ( In the event of arising disputes that You infringe or may infringe the rights with a third party as a result of violating the provisions of TERMS OF SERVICE etc, resolve the disputes etc at Your own responsibility, when We suffers damage by this, We will be able to claim the damages for damages suffered by ourselves)
(6)We do not guarantee the suitability and reliability concerning the purpose of use, the suitability for equipment, etc., and the results of use of this content.

Article 6.

(1)Monthly Usage Fee is 2,980 JPY (tax included) per month. Since Usage Fee is not calculated on a daily basis, even if Usage Contract is concluded or terminated in the middle of the month, Usage Fee for one month will be charged.
(2)If You do not pay even if the due date passes after the payment due to Usage Fee (including claims transferred to the claiming business operator pursuant to the provisions of the next article), You shall pay the amount obtained as a delinquent interest for the number of days from the day following the due date until the day before the payment date at a rate of 14.5% per year. However, if payment was made within 15 days from the next day of payment date, this does not apply.
(3)Usage Fee shall be paid to the Company in the manner specified in each of the following items:
 ①Usage Fee is prepayment.
 ②Usage Fee shall be paid by the payment card.
 ③If Payment Card can not be used for payment of Usage Fee for any reason, there are cases where direct Usage Fees are charged.

Article 7.

(1)We shall handle Your personal information acquired in connection with the operation of Service according to the "Privacy Policy" separately defined by Us.
(2)For the purpose of provision of services etc. other than Service, there are cases where We use Your information acquired in providing Service, such as the actual content viewed by Users and the date and time and number of times that the content was viewed, within the range specified in the preceding paragraph.
(3)In order to use Service conveniently, there are cases where We display Users’ information such as Users’ purchase history, favorite registration history and recommended information on Content corresponding to said information on the terminal screen, without confirming the password.
(4)There are cases where We notify Content and the information on the viewing frequency that Users have viewed and watched, to the third party, such as the right holder who is the provider of Contents after delete information that identifies an individual.

Article 8.

(1)In case of falling under any of the items of Article 3, paragraph 2, We shall be able to suspend the use of all or part of Service without terminating Usage Contract by the choice of Us.
(2)When stopping the use of Service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, We will inform You in advance of the reason and the date on which We will suspend the notice on this website or any other method We deem appropriate. However, in case of emergency unavoidable, this does not apply.
(3)In the event of falling under any of the following items, We shall be able to suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of Service without prior notice or dissemination to You.
 ①When unavoidable in terms of maintenance or construction of equipment, devices, systems, etc.
 ②When Service can not be operated due to accidents such as fire and blackouts, natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, war, riots, labor disputes, etc.
 ③When the service can not be operated due to system failure, etc.
 ④When it is urgent for disaster prevention or relief, secure supply of traffic, communication or electricity, communication necessary for maintaining order, or other public interests.
 ⑤When there is an offer from the right holder etc. on Contents.
 ⑥In addition, when We judge that interruption or suspension of provision of Service is operationally or technically necessary.
(4)We shall be able to abolish the provision of all or part of Service by notifying or publish the customer in advance by a method that We deem appropriate.

Article 9.

(1)The Company shall be able to notify customers concerning this service by the following methods:
 ①Notice by mailing the name, address, billing address, etc. to which You have notified Us.
 ②Notice by sending e-mail to the e-mail address that You have notified to Us.
 ③Notice by other methods that We deem appropriate.
(2)Notice to Users by the methods set forth in each item of the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have been made on the day We issued the notice prescribed in the preceding paragraph, unless otherwise specified by Us.
(3)In addition to each item of paragraph 1, We shall be able to change to notice to users by posting on this website. In this case, We will assume that such notice has been made to Users on the date of publication.

Article 10.

(1)We will not assume any responsibility even if You suffered damage due to suspension of use of all or part of Service, interruption or suspension of provision or abolition of provision etc. or abolition of provision etc. and change of TERMS OF SERVICE, cancellation of designation of corresponding terminal, or cancellation of the contract of Service and automatic termination etc.
(2)In cases where We assumes liability for damages concerning Service, the damage damaged by Us shall be limited to normal and direct damage (up to 1 month's monthly Usage Fee is upper limit), We shall not be responsible for any damages caused by loss of indirect, extraordinary, incidental, derivative, lost profit or opportunity in any case. However, this is not the case in case of Our intentional or serious negligence.

Article 11.

You shall not assign, lend, or provide security to the third party all or part of the rights to Us or obligations to bear on Us under Usage Contract of Service to a third party.

Article 12.

If there is a need for litigation in connection with TERMS OF SERVICE between You and Us, We shall make the Tokyo District Court the First Court Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction Court.