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Shinya Aoki

 Supervision: Shinya Aoki

* May 9, 1983 birth place and from Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka.
It'll be a shuuto world middle champion during Waseda University student.
I become a policeman after university graduation, but I retire by 2 months and walk the way of a professional fighter.
The world is an owner of admitted Newaza and gets many titles.
motoshuuto world middleweight champion. A yuan DREAM lightweight champion. A yuan ONE world lightweight champion.
* Book
"You aren't supposed to read air."
"Human white belt The reason that Shinya Aoki is disliked"
"Shinya Aoki's overall martial arts guide"
"Shinya Aoki's judo and jujutsu entry"
* Picture work
"Shinya Aoki tobikanjuudan"
"Shinya Aoki tobikanjuudan 2"
"Shinya Aoki tobikanjuudan 3"